Why a relocation consultant?

Relocation services play a major role in moving abroad, particularly when searching for offices and housing, but also when coping with formalities, rental contract terms, education, social life, etc. In Belgium, despite its warm hospitality and pleasant life-style, the settling-in process is a complex and arduous task. The endemic linguistic differences, move to federalism and the lack of centralized data can cause confusion, stress, loss of time and overrun of the budget allocated to the transfer.

Belgium has no centralized listing of available properties, obliging home hunters to scour ads in periodicals; prices aimed at the newcomers' market are habitually inflated. Moreover, there are hundreds of real-estate agents offering a limited choice at varying levels of service and, as helpful as some are, they primarily represent the interests of the landlord.

Unfamiliar circumstances and (several) languages render home search time consuming and perilous.

The rental lease agreement, for instance, may include (or lack) certain clauses with potentially serious financial and legal consequences. When moving in or out, a survey and inventory are effected by an assessor. At both these vital stages our counsel and supervision will ensure that your interests are safeguarded.


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Why a Relocation Consultant?

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