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Preliminary contact and housing search:

  • Background: first contact and questionnaire to define needs and preferences of the transferee and his/her family.
  • Housing:  definition of budget, type, area, commuting considerations (work and school) social life, etc
  • Housing search:  the transferee schedules a visit to Belgium. An associate of Brussels Relocation begins an exhaustive search for suitable accommodation and organizes a full program of visits.

The accompanied visits in Belgium:

  • Visits: transferee is taken on a pre-arranged tour to inspect a wide choice of suitable properties. Counsel is given on rental values, convenience of location, etc.
  • Area guidance: details given on business and social activities, sports, language schools, suppliers, etc...
  • Welcome Pack : guides and maps, dictionary, transportation and other informational handouts.
  • Final housing selection:  having short-listed several desirable properties, most favorable rental terms are negotiated on the transferee's behalf. The lease agreement is clarified prior to signature, start date stipulated and other legal requirements supervised.
  • We are present during the signature of the contract and if the renter is not able to attend signature, a power of attorney will entitle us to sign it on his/her behalf.


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